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December 30, 2013
New Years Eve Activity: DIY Time Capsule

Since the New Year is right around the corner it’s always fun to have an activity to do before the final countdown begins

New Years Eve Activity:  DIY Time Capsule


-Empty Bottle

-Pens, Pencils or Markers

-Sheet of Paper


Grab your blank sheet of paper and start writing down things that are your favorite. (Food, Candy, Drink, Ice-Cream, Cookie, Shoe TV Show, Sport, Color, Clothes, Toy, etc.) Also, write in your height, your shoe size and some goals that you’d like to achieve either personally or academically.  Some ideas for school could be you want to get better grades, would like to join a sport or club.


Note: If you really want to be creative you could draw a picture on the very bottom.

After you are done roll up the paper and place a rubber band around it. Now, put in the bottle. You will keep this capsule until the very end of the year and You will open it on New Year’s Eve and see how much you’ve changed and progressed.



Thanks to our friends from Spoonful for supporting us with the idea






December 18, 2013
Simple Marshmallow Snowman Activity

Since the holidays are right around the corner the Lum Lums have decided to do a DIY activity that can bring joy and fill your tummy. 

DIY Marshmallow Snowman J

Supplies Needed

  • Black marker
  • Marshmallows (white or colored)
  • Colored Markers or crayons
  • Glue
  • White  paper


Place your white paper on a flat surface. Now, grab your black marker and draw three circles that are connected. (small, medium, large)


After, you’ve drawn your circles; begin to draw the face of your snowman on the circles of the top. You should add two eyes, a nose w/ your orange marker and a mouth.





Now, take out your marshmallows out.  (If you have colored one’s create a pattern if you’d like).  Now, grab your glue and trace over your black circles. After you’re done with the glue begin placing the marshmallows over the glue.



Once the tracing with marshmallows is complete you can wait until the glue is completely dry. Add a top hat and a scarf to be the finishing touches to your snowman.



Thanks to our friends at Browzer for providing us with the information/idea:




December 2, 2013
The Lum Lums Do It Yourself Hand Painted Menorah

Since the holidays are here the Lum Lums have decided that it would be a fun activity to make a simple do it yourself Menorah. In celebration of Hanukkah, this simple activity is surely fun for children of all ages. Floressa and Valerina surely had a great time assisting with helping make this “hand-made” menorah.


  • Paper

  • Paint


Select your color and get your hand and place paint on it.

Before:                                           After:    


Once that is complete in a slight angle press your hand on the paper & lift up.  You should be left with a handprint. If it doesn’t come out the first try don’t be discouraged do it again until your happy with your handprint. Your handprint will symbolize the candles of the menorah.


Repeat steps with the other hand, but make sure that the thumbs connect.


Once that step is complete, you should end up with two hand prints.  Now, grab your yellow paint and this will be your light for the candles.  Put yellow paint on the tip of your fingers and start lighting up your menorah. On each finger place yellow paint on the finger tips.

Once it’s complete you should end up with your finished product. You have your very own menorah :)


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November 6, 2013
Yummie’s Safety Tips for the Kitchen

As you may  know baking is huge part of my life, and as a Chef it is extremely important to be aware of your surroundings.  When I was a little girl my mother taught me  to be careful in the kitchen because we do not want accidents to occur.  I’m usually very safe, but just in case  Tum Tum always reminds me to wear my mittens just in case!  To avoid burns and other accidents see my safety tips below!


1. Always have shoes on-  If you are cooking barefoot, it’s possible for hot mixtures to fall or to drop a knife.

2. Stirring Food= Slow and Steady- Make sure your body is away from the pot in case, anything spill out.

3. First Aid Kit- Having a first aid kit can be useful because it has items that will be helpful in case you have an accident. A well stocked first aid kit has items such as: bandages, tweezers, plastic gloves, thermometer, alcohol pads, scissors, medicine, and more!

4. Fire Extinguisher- Fire extinguishers will put out a fire and prevent your  home from going up in flames.

Hope these tips are helpful with your next cooking adventures!

Fill that tummy,




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October 22, 2013
LumLums Top Choices for Halloween Costumes

HI Friends!

October is an exciting time in the land of Lumination!  It’s Halloween time!  We love to get together and share our favorite Halloween costume ideas . We even have a tradition where we pick out our costumes together! This year we wanted to make sure that we select the PERFECT costumes to match our personalities.

After countless hours of trying on costumes, we have finally reached our decisions!


Below are our FINAL selections of costumes!. Give us your thoughts!

#1: Trindi’s Pick: CAT costume
Reason: Being a cat for Halloween is classic! MEOW. Of course, I’ll be doing my catwalk in style.
#2 Valerina’s Pick: Ballerina costume
Reason: This is perfect if you want to feel like you’re dancing the night away!
#3 Floressa’s Pick: Bumble bee costume
Reason: I love gardening and I always see bees! I decided to buzz around trick or treating.
#4 Yummie’s Pick: Candy Costume
Reason: Decorating my cakes with candy is always a treat, so why not be one!

Those are our choices!  Now tell us what you are going to be!


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Ballerina Costume: http://halloweencostumesnews.com/
Bumble Bee Costume: http://cdn6.sophiasstyle.com/
Candy Costume: http://images.halloweencostumeideas.com/